Obtaining a beautiful smile may be as simple as whitening your teeth.

Teeth tend to discolor through the years because of aging, ingestion of staining foods or drinks, or through chemical damage (i.e. smoking, dipping.) One can help reverse these effects by merely whitening their teeth.


Whitening (bleaching) is relatively simple and application of the bleaching gel is done at home. A dramatic change usually takes place within the first four days of a two to four weeks process.

  • Custom models are made from impressions taken of your teeth.

  • From these models, clear stents or trays are made that will hold the bleach gel against your teeth.

  • The trays are trimmed so they cover just the teeth and not the gum tissue.

  • Upon delivery of your trays and the bleaching kit, you will place a small amount of bleach gel (carbamide peroxide) in the upper and lower trays and place them over your teeth. We recommend leaving them in your mouth for 30 – 60 minutes in the evening preferably before bedtime.

You may stop at any time if you feel your teeth have reached the brightness you desire.

Digital photographs will be taken before treatment and after treatment to record the color change.


Are there side effects?

A small percentage of people may have tooth sensitivity during the process but it will disappear shortly after they discontinue whitening.

Many times the use of fluoride along with the whitening gel will reduce or eliminate any sensitivity.

As with any chemical, some people may have an allergic reaction to the carbamide peroxide. This will usually present itself as red, inflamed gums but once the treatment is discontinued, the tissue will go back to normal.

Badly discolored teeth

Some teeth are too discolored to benefit from the whitening process. These teeth may need veneers or crowns placed over them to change their appearance.

In the case of tetracycline stained teeth (where the teeth are a very dark grey,) the teeth will respond to whitening, however it may take 2-3 times longer to whiten them, and even then the teeth may still need coverage with veneers to obtain the desired result.