Tooth pain can be a rather large discomfort and source of irritation. It can completely dull your thinking, make your entire face feel painful, and can also keep you from eating or sleeping properly.

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Understanding the pain

Pain can be caused by a number of situations affecting a tooth or the area around it, usually the jaw or the gums. Tooth pain comes in various levels of severity and intensity. Some pain is rather serious and agonizing in that the affected person cannot think properly or concentrate due to the pain. Other pain may be mild and brief or dull and constant.

Some cases of tooth pain can also feel worse when the tooth is exposed to hot or cold foods or when chewing on certain foods. A toothache can come in many different forms with various factors causing the tooth pain.

Causes of tooth pain

Tooth Pain Due to Dental Problem
The most common type is pain caused by tooth decay (caries) but there are other problems that can be quite painful, such as a cracked or fractured tooth, an exposed root, an infection, or a gum problem.

Tooth Pain Due to Jaw Problems

A toothache or a hypersensitive tooth may also be caused from problems in the bite.  If muscles get involved and become hyperactive due to interferences in the bite, problems can arise in the TMJs which can in turn cause biting discomfort in the teeth. See: TMJ Disorders / Therapy

Tooth Pain as a Symptom

Tooth pain can also be a symptom of a bigger health problem that is not related to the teeth or even to the jaw. Pain that affects the teeth can also be caused from heart diseases, specifically a heart attack or angina. Chronic tooth pain can also be associated with serious problems concerning the nerves or problems related to parts of the body near the teeth such as tumors or cancer. It is therefore important if you feel pain in your teeth that you have it evaluated as soon as possible.